About Us

The New Brunswick Chiropractors Association works to improve the health and wellness of New Brunswickers by regulating, supporting and promoting excellence in chiropractic practice and patient care.

Our members are trusted spine, muscle and nervous system experts who work to help improve patients’ pain, function and quality of life. Licensed chiropractors must be graduates of an accredited college or university, and have successfully completed the national licensing exams.

The chiropractic profession is regulated in all ten Canadian provinces. In New Brunswick, chiropractic was first legislated in 1958.

Regulation Documents

Regulatory documents, standards of practice and operational policies are listed below for the convenience of our members and our patients.

NBCA Leadership & Representatives

We work to support our members and patients locally, but have also built strong relationships with other chiropractic associations and stakeholders from across the country.

Our current board members and key representatives are:

Current Board Members
   Dr. Ryan Coster


wesmichaudheadshot3   Vice President
  Dr. Wes Michaud



   Dr. Jennie Hersey


dave dunnett3  Treasurer
  Dr. Dave Dunnett


Johnneal2  Member-at-Large
  Dr. John Neal


dr norm headshot 2  Past President
  Dr. Norm Skjonsberg


Public Representative
Ms. Ginette Morrison 

joy  Registrar 
  Dr. Carolyn Joy Levere


    Chief Executive Officer      Francesheadshot3
    Dr. Frances LeBlanc


National Representatives and Committee Chairs
Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) Governor
Dr. Sarah Williams
Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) and Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association (CCPA) Director
Dr. Norm Skjonsberg
Federation of Canadian Chiropractic Representative
Dr. Frances LeBlanc
Complaint Committee Chair
Dr. Wes Michaud

Quality Assurance Committee Chair
Dr. Michel LeBlanc

External Affairs Committee Chair
Dr. Ryan Coster

Internal Affairs Committee Chair
Dr. John Neal
If you have questions or would like more information about the New Brunswick Chiropractors Association or our members, please contact us